Our office has many options when it comes to choosing the perfect eyewear. We have many designer brands to appeal to all styles. Your personality is unique, and we have a frame to match! We believe in quality from the moment you walk into our doors. You will receive personalized service from the way you look and see.

Eyeglasses and Light Therapy

Once you have had your eye exam, your eye doctor will personalize your treatments based on you and your lifestyle.  Beyond conventional eyeglasses, we can provide toric lenses for astigmatism, gas permeable contact lenses, sunglasses, and sports goggles.

Eyeglasses can be treated with anti UV coatings and blue light blocking. Those needing light therapy for both general well-being and SAD treatment can find out more about the Varilux lighting system and all its varieties. Families who need eye care ranging from pediatric to geriatric can find optometrists here who will cater to their needs.


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