Patient Center

Welcome to the NEW PATIENT CENTER for our Merrick optometry practice! We understand that your time is precious and that you need an optometrist who is professional, yet convenient for your lifestyle. In order to make the transition to our office smoother for you, we have created a New Patient Center with everything you need to get started.

In an effort to make you more comfortable when you arrive at our office and to streamline the new patient process, you will be able to complete all the necessary items prior to your first visit. Please go to patient forms to complete your registration forms. Kindly bring them with you to the office. If you are unable to complete the forms before the scheduled appointment time, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time for these required documents to be completed.

At Dr. Landrio & Associates, we strive to make sure the time we spend with you during your visit is quality time.

Eye Glasses

When you arrive at the office, our staff will most likely ask you for your glasses.  Please bring all the glasses you wear, even if only occasionally.  If you have separate distance and reading glasses, as well as sunglasses, please bring them all to your appointment. The measurements the staff can take from your current glasses may help the doctor to fine-tune your visual performance or even explain the reason for visual discomfort.

Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, please wear them for your appointment. A contact lens evaluation is required in order for the doctor to prescribe contact lenses with the necessary parameters (including size and curvature), material type, and prescription. If you are able to bring your current contact lens information from the case/box they are delivered to you in, that would be additional parameters to assist the doctor in meeting your expectations for clear, comfortable vision.

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Here at Dr. Lori Landrio & Associates in Merrick, NY, we offer a wide variety of eye care services that can effectively treat many eye conditions. If you are suffering from an eye injury or disease, schedule an appointment with us today by calling 516-546-4800 or contact us.

Thank you for choosing DR.LANDRIO & ASSOCIATES. We look forward to seeing you.